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Tuncer Dental Clinic

As Tuncer Oral and Dental Health Clinics, we believe that a perfect treatment in dentistry starts with meeting the patient and then knowing their expectations. A treatment will be more successful with a close doctor-patient dialogue. We provide the most proper diagnosis and treatment opportunity in an environment which is relaxed and stress free, within ethical codes and international standards.

Our staff does anything for the planning for the treatment of every single patient peculiarly. We share the treatment information with our patients with transparency. We are determined to make every visit to our clinic enjoyable with the intention of having patients who are satisfied with our services and who advise our clinic to their kith and kin.
Cooperation of several branches is required for diagnosis and treatment in the field of Oral and Dental Health. These services are provided by specialist physicians in our clinic.

Service Areas of TUNCER Oral and Dental Health Clinics:

“We value your smile …”

Tuncer Oral and Dental Health Policlinics

Our Services

estetik görsel

Aesthetic Dentistry

Teeth are the most important component of the face. Healthy, even and white teeth always affect one’s self-esteem positively…

Porcelain Crowns

Zirconium is the substructure material of porcelain crowns. It is a material which promises both aesthetic and endurance as it resembles…

Porcelain Laminate

It requires a meticulous and a critical operation from preparing the teeth to the phase of measurement.Porcelain laminate is prepared with minimum…

Aesthetic Fillings

Being satisfying both visually and functionally is the main purpose of the treatments. Therefore, being in a natural tooth form in recognition…

Inley & Onley Filling

Composite or metal materials are generally used for tooth decay treatment. However, we prefer to use porcelain filling to match…

Teeth Whitening Procedure

Teeth whitening is the procedure of wiping away the discoloration of teeth using chemical bleaching agents without damaging teeth…

Gingival Aesthetics

A gummy smile is defined as the situation when gums look wider than they actually are in our smile. A gummy smile may affect the whole…

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment is a procedure which is administered to heal and save a tooth that is seriously infected or decayed…

Joint Diseases

Temporomandibular Diseases include a group of diseases which affects temporomandibular joints and muscles that helps chewing…

Dental Implants

An implant is an artificial tooth root made of titanium which is placed in jaw bone surgically. It is used for keeping a denture or a group of dentures…

Pediatric Dentistry

Pedodontists aim at preserving the primary and permanent teeth of children who are under 13 and solve the problems caused…


Orthodontia is the discipline which treats crowded teeth and malocclusions through braces and appliances. An orthodontist evaluates the reason…


diş çekimi öncesi

If there is a drug such as an antibiotics ordered by your dentist, you must…

dişte lezyon

Periapical Lesion is one of situations which causes problems especially eating for patients. The treatment…

dişçi korkusu

Dentophobia is one of the common problems today. Sometimes it is observed as a result…

diş ipi

Dental floss is a material which is crucial for oral and dental hygiene and it…

diş apsesi

Dental abscess occurs very often and it can be defined as inflammation in gingival tissue….