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Being satisfying both visually and functionally is the main purpose of the treatments. Therefore, being in a natural tooth form in recognition of shape and color, indistinct lines of filling, being indistinguishable from a natural tooth are the primary objectives of an administration of tooth filling. Additionally, maximum preservation of dental tissue is the priority of the treatment. The materials of aesthetic fillings are composite.

When Are Aesthetic Fillings Used?

Aesthetic fillings are generally applied to incisors. Aesthetic Filling is generally recommended in undesired situations such as broken or worn teeth, discoloration in teeth or interdental gaps (diastema).

Composite fillings are much more healthful, durable and aesthetical than amalgam (black) fillings. Composite fillings are much more superior to amalgam fillings with regards to the attachment to dental tissue. Therefore, they prevent microleakage. Secondary caries, which are present in amalgam fillings are not observed in composite fillings.

Use of Aesthetic Fillings and How Long They Last

Aesthetic Fillings do no harm to gums or teeth. You can use them as your own teeth. Aesthetic restoration remains in high quality for years. However, longevity of aesthetic restorations majorly depends on taking good care of teeth. The maintenance of your aesthetic fillings is done and they are polished again during your regular dental check, which is once or twice a year. This makes them last much longer.