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Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are used when there is no tooth left in the mouth of the patient. These are fully tissue backed dentures as transmission of force, support and attachment are provided when the denture is placed on the surface of tissue.

Partial Dentures (Dentures with Hook)

It is a prosthesis which holds on to teeth with hooks made with the combination of some special acrylic and metals in case of partial loss of teeth. The attachment of denture is provided through the hooks on teeth. It is a teeth-tissue backed denture as it is supported by abutment teeth along with the tissue the denture placed on. In these type of dentures, force is distributed between teeth and tissue.

Precision Attachment Dentures

It is used when there is a big number of lost teeth. The hooks of removable dentures disturb the patient if they’re in the smile line. Precision attachment denture is a highly aesthetical alternative. In these kind of dentures, the hooks are hidden in interior surface of teeth so that they cannot be seen.

The hooks on the precision attachment part might be too firm at first. It becomes easy to put off and put on as it is used and you can eat anything freely as if you have natural teeth. The denture must be put off and put on without forcing, slowly and only after being sure that the denture fits in its place.