fiber post

Fiber post or post core appliance is done through a post which is backed by root canal if there isn’t any healthy dentine yet roots are still functioning. Tools like screws and nails are called “post”. With fiber post aiming at strengthening tooth root, tooth fractures and losses caused by material deficiency are prevented.

If there is not an excessive deficiency of material on the tooth which received root canal treatment, the tooth must be filled with standard filling. If there is an excessive deficiency, Inley & Onley Treatments, which will prevent the tooth from fracturing must be applied. If there is no dentine left but roots are healthy, crowning must be done with the support of a post.

A bunch made of fiber is placed with getting support from tooth root and composite filling is applied on this fiber bunch. With this composite filling, either the filling process is completed or a worn tooth shape is given to the composite filling and the tooth becomes ready for crowning. Only filling, fiber-backed filling and post core are advantageous options when there is no healthy dentition left.

The Advantages of Fiber Post Treatment

Fiber Post Treatment is also a confidential appliance apart from enabling the patient to earn lost tooth functions and aesthetic back. The advantages of post core which is a fast treatment are:

  • The tooth suffering from excessive material deficiency is strengthened through placing fiber bunches in tooth root.
  • Durability of the tooth is increased through a fiber bunch which is supported by both tooth root and crown.
  • It halts the infections in tooth.
  • It prevents the loss of tooth.
  • It helps the treatment of cavities and tooth fractures.
  • It refreshes the tooth.
  • It prevents the infection from reaching the tissues of root apex.
  • It is advantageous in terms of increasing the quality of life as it prevents the patients from becoming edentulous.