onley inley

Composite or metal materials are generally used for tooth decay treatment. However, we prefer to use porcelain filling to match the aesthetical requirements and be more strong when the loss of teeth is excessive. These porcelain fillings which we called “inley” and “onley” are fillings which are prepared in laboratory environment following the cleaning of the decay. The treatment ends with a bonding process which resembles porcelain crowning. It is preferred because it is more resistant to wear and the pressure caused by chewing when compared to standard filling materials.

What Is the Difference Between Inley and Onley?

The difference between them is only about the place they cover. While Inley covers a smaller area, Onley covers a wider surface.

What are the advantages of Inley & Onley?

  • It is aesthetical.
  • It has a strong composition.
  • It is perfectly coherent with dental texture.

How Is It Maintained?

The maintenance of Inley and Onley requires tooth brushing, use of dental flow and seeing a dentist regularly.